The Burn Down - Candle, Coffee & Cocktail
The Burn Down - Candle, Coffee & Cocktail
The Burn Down - Candle, Coffee & Cocktail

The Burn Down - Candle, Coffee & Cocktail

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Here we have a months-long project of passion available exclusively to our most loyal fans.

Let's take a trip back to the bastion of male retreat: The barbershop.  An old school one. One where you'd smell exactly what we've created with this amazing candle  - The Burn Down.  

What started with a whiff of the manliest scent known to humankind at a local Denver barbershop, Pinaud, it all came rushing in.  

Inspired by the days of old when it would be common to see a dashing badass Tour de France racer pull off to a roadside cafe and grab a bowl of soup, with a side of red wine or a beer and a quick smoke before heading off to the day's destination. 

We've worked for months with a local candlemaker to come up with the scent we can only describe as that of a quintessential man. 

Filled with citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, and orange paired with a nice base of musk and jasmine. 

It's truly delightful, masculine, and is the perfect scent that encompasses Dispatch.

Debonair, dare we say.

  • Made of soy wax
  • Hand-poured in Colorado
  • Beautiful engraved hefty recycled glass, The Burn Down will
  • Designed to last for 50 hours of pure delight. 
  • An all-cotton wick keeps nasty metals out of your air 
  • All-natural fragrances mean we're keeping it clean for you.
  • Custom printed reusable paper canister
  • Custom set of Dispatch Always on the Edge Matchbox included
  • Cocktail pick for the cherry on top


Here's the kicker:  We hate trash.  So in setting out to make this candle, after getting the ingredients right, it had to be as close to 100% reusable as possible.


Your Burn Down candle will come in a custom-wrapped tube that has the Dispatch Custom Cycling Components Cycling LIfe pattern printed on the outside.  We think this makes a great piece for your desk or workbench (pens and handtools fit nicely in it).  Or use it for your spare parts and takeoffs to keep them neatly organized the next time you're looking for that M4 bolt or spare chainlink.

Then there's the candle glass.

We laser engraved every glass with our Dispatch Custom Cycling Components skeleton mascot badge.  Once you've burned your candle down (and let it cool), take it to the sink and run some hot water on the outside to soften the remaining bits of wax.  Dump it out, give it a good scrubbing inside and you have a nice glass for your next espresso or cocktail--or both.  We even included a fancy cocktail pick as the holder for the cherry on top.

Or plant a plant in it.  Your call.  Just know this is a one-of-a-kind kit made for constant reuse.  

So there you have it.  This is a very limited run and you should feel great about being on the invite list.  Pick one up for your living room and another for your washroom or closet. (Please don't burn it in the closet--or near anything flammable.)

The obligatory warnings: Don't burn near flammable objects. Use caution when handling--it's a glass with wax...on fire. It's going to get hot.  So let it cool down before you handle it. Keep away from infants, pets, and pesky individuals that seem to have a hard time making smart choices in life.  Trim wick to 1/4" before use.  This will keep soot and smoke to a minimum. Place on heat-safe surface.  Don't eat. Do strut your stuff as you bask in the glorious scent.

Customer Reviews

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Matt Starr
Like Honey and Vanilla

This candle is awesome. It makes my man cave smell like a man cave should smell (in a good way). Unfortunately now my wife spends more time in there than I do. However, that’s not always a bad thing 😉🤫😳

Marc Adams
Mild scent, could use a lid

The scent is mild, a good thing because it does linger.
Would be nice if the candle came with a lid for extinguishing it.
The etching is simple, not busy.
Good value if you adore Dispatch brand, small candle for $ if you don't.

Jon Wallace

I got the first one and it smells amazing. Just like an old barbershop. Just missing the Playboy magazines. I’m looking forward to a cocktail out of it after it’s all burned.