Allez! Enamel Pin

Allez!  From the Pyrénées to the Dolomites. From your garage to the pub.  The cheer ALLEZ! can only mean one thing: It's racing season and someone is on the rivet giving it all they have.  Pedaling for victory or pedaling for a new personal record.  We bring this limited run of Allez! enamel pins as a special celebration of the beauty that is bicycle racing.

Made of enamel and coming in at a perfect 1.25 inches wide, with black nickel plating and a black PVC clutch, this soft enamel pin will be perfectly placed on your kit bag, hat, jacket or anywhere else.  Let it serve as a small reminder of the history and the passion we share as kindred spirits of cycling.

Allez! - French for "Go!" A word of encouragement when used as an interjection.  Often heard shouted at cyclists by fans to give them the extra push to dig deeper and go further, faster.

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