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Dispatch Beer Tumbler

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These are for our tastmakeurs only.  We went all out on these babies.  Originally made for our 2019 festivities and distributed to a limited few.  Now you can get your hands on this beautiful piece of glass. Featuring a gold halo rim and logo and way cooler than any pint glass you have in your cabinets right now.

The Lawrence Tumbler is a 13.5 ounce tumbler from the Rastal Craft Master Family, designed to enhance the sensory experience of your finest craft beverages. (Say that to your friends.  See what happens. It's guaranteed to change your life.) This stemless tumbler has a wide bowl which allows aromas to be released, with a gentle taper at the mouth to concentrate those aromas with every sip. Its versatile and sophisticated shape make it a smart choice for a variety of craft beers, ciders, wine and cocktails--even water.