Strongbox Jersey Wallet
Strongbox Jersey Wallet
Strongbox Jersey Wallet
Strongbox Jersey Wallet

Strongbox Jersey Wallet

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You know what's gross? Soggy dollar bills in your jersey pocket.  Know what's really dangerous? Riding without your emergency cash, credit card, and identification.  Know what sucks? A wallet taking up a bunch of space in your limited jersey pocket.  So we solved all three! You're welcome!

Using DuPont™ Tyvek® Material and some absolutely amazing origami skills, we present the world a water-resistant, low profile, tear-proof wallet that's as thin as it is sexy.  The Dispatch Strongbox features our Cycling Life pattern, folds down to nothing but holds more than everything you could ask for on your ride.  Keeping your cash dry, your credit card and ID from sticking together with back sweat (we said it!) and designed to last for as many rides as you think you have in you.

Dispatch Strongbox Jersey Wallet

    • Be Prepared For The Coffee Stop
    • Carry ID & Credit Card & Cash (We fit 3 Credit Cards & an ID because that's the way we roll.)
    • Low Profile & Slips Easily Into Jersey Pockets
    • RFID Protection to Foil (pun intended) Evil A-holes Trying to Rip Off Your KOMs
    • Tear-Proof
    • Water-Resistant
    • 2 Card Slots & Cash Stash
    • The Thinnest Folding Wallet We Know Of
    • 2019 Edition Features Our Cycling Life Pattern
    • Made with DuPont™ Tyvek® Material

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