• Is This Mic On? - Dispatch on the Cycling Industry

    The mic is hot and my takes were laid down in a couple of spots for your listening pleasure on two podcasts.  Give a listen.
  • Dispatch Custom Cycling Components - The Back Story

    I had the pleasure of (virtually) sitting down with staff at Voyage Denver to share a little bit about Dispatch, my view of the cycling world and h...
  • Dispatch Skeleton Logo T-Shirts Are Coming

    Pre-orders for one very awesome t-shirt are available now.

    Dispatch Skeleton Logo T-Shirts Are Coming


  • Sugar Skull Headset Cap - Why We Named It Via de los Muertos

    For years, our sugar skull headset cap has been a top seller.  At times, for months, our best selling bicycle headset stem cap.  People love it! On...
  • Buy the Ticket. Take the Ride. BTS on the Headset Cap Design

    To say Hunter S Thompson was an influence on many of us around here at Dispatch Custom Cycling Components would be an understatement approaching a...
  • Fuck Your Cants - The Story of Why

    FUCK YOUR CANTS.  We don't want to hear about it.  We want to see your cans!
  • Why Bicycle Headset Caps

    Replacing your boring factory bicycle headset cap is the simplest, most affordable upgrade you can make to your bicycle.  That's why we make custom headset stem caps.