Your Bicycle is Yours!

It is a statement of your preference and passion in life.  From the first mile ridden, machine and rider become one.  No longer one of many, but now a unique creation that is yours. Saturday group road rides. Dirt church on Sunday. Commuting on Monday. Thursday evening crits. At its core, a bicycle ride is visceral. Therapy of the soul, mind and body.  Even utility. 

At Dispatch Custom Cycling Components, we're different by design.  We stand at the intersection of individuality in life and passion for the bicycle. We believe in embracing and enhancing the concept of individuality.  We stand for the unique. We ride for the individual.

Based in Longmont, Colorado, right inside Boulder County, the epicenter of all things fitness, fun and cycling.  We ride our bikes everywhere!  For fun, sport, food and for beer!   Every component we customize we admire before carefully packing it up and sending it off to you.  We hope you'll love your customized bicycle component as much as we enjoy making them.

If you need a custom creation for yourself, your race team, charity event or finisher's medal for your race, contact us.  We are easy to work with and always enjoy making something just for you.  Minimums are always just 1.