What Is A Bicycle Headset Cap?

If you're looking at the handlebars on your bicycle, look at the center. Draw your eyes back until you see that round piece of metal. It's probably pretty boring right now. Maybe it says something, probably doesn't. If it does say something, it probably doesn't do a whole lot for you when you're on your rides. Replacing that piece with a custom headset cap will make your bicycle way better. We say it's the best bang for the buck in bicycle upgrades around. You an have it replaced in a matter of minutes with a basic tool.

What's The Difference Between Engraving & Printing?

We laser engrave all of our headset caps and bar end plugs. We do this because it is a more permanent and durable process for embellishing the headset cap than printing. Printing wears off and fades over time. Laser engraving a headset cap or bar end plug means we're removing the top layer of material off the headset cap to reveal the base material. This means it is permanent and can stand up to things like UV, weather, and even the unfortunate crash.

What Colors Can I Get?

Every piece we work from is either anodized aluminum, powder coated or treated with Cerakote. 99% of what we work with is anodized aluminum. Anything in the stock catalog is anodized aluminum. What this means is you get the base color of anodized aluminum and then the engraved part is revealed as what most would call white.

NOTE: Not all whites are white and not all blacks are black. Because we're laser engraving your bicycle part, the revealed material is the color that you'll see as white. Sometimes this looks a little grey. It's not 100% white because the base material is aluminum and that is not a 100% white material.

The images you see in our catalog are mocked up, but accurate representations of size, position and, generally, color. Human eyes perceive colors differently. From complete color blindness to hyper-sensitivity to gradients. To our eyes, that base material is white enough to call it white.

How Do I Change My Headset Cap?

This is an easy one and you shouldn't need more than a couple of minutes to swap out your old headset cap and replace it with your new one.

Grab yourself an Allen Key that fits the existing bolt in your headset cap assembly This is most commonly a 5mm Allen or Hex key.

Once you have that, remove the center bolt by unscrewing it. (Lefty loosey, righty tighty). The headset cap bolt is fairly long and depending on where your star nut is located in your assembly, this can take a number of turns before the bolt is fully released.

Remove your current headset cap. Depending on how long your headset cap has been on your bicycle, grime may have caused it to bond to the stem. A good knock with a rubber mallet or using your existing center bolt as a lever should unseat it, no problem. If you find it still will not release, you may consider a professional mechanic's assistance.

With the old stem cap removed, position your new Dispatch headset cap in place of the old.

Insert your new headset cap bolt.

Tighten the bolt until it meets some resistance. The job of the headset cap is not to hold your assembly together, so do not over-tighten this part. It should be snug, but not limit any movement of your operational cockpit.

That's it. You're ready to go.

Do You Have Bulk Offerings?

We make a lot of headset caps. Thousands actually. So you came to the right place. For more information see our bulk custom bicycle headset cap offerings,

Do You Sell A Headset Cap That Fits My Bicycle?

Bicycle headset caps (or stem cap) do come in different shapes and sizes. However, the most common size found on the vast majority of modern bicycles are 1 1/8" in diameter and threadless. This size is so common, it's considered the industry standard for bicycle headset caps.

Removing and replacing your stock headset cap with a custom headset cap is very simple and can be completed by anyone with a single Allen Key and a couple of minutes time.

As for sizes of bicycle headset caps, a couple of exceptions exist. While impossible to be comprehensive, Giant maintains a system called "Overdrive" which have an oversized headset top cap and some triathlon or TT bicycles also have odd shaped headset caps. Different gonna be different.

The best way to make certain your bicycle uses a standard 1 1/8" headset cap is to head out to the garage, grab yourself an Allen Wrench, remove the cap and measure it straight across (diameter). Unless you're using calipers, you'll probably have to eyeball it a little. You're really looking to answer if it's closer 1 1'8" in diameter or is it a lot smaller or bigger. Smaller or bigger and you have yourself one of the outliers. Congrats! Time to buy a new bicycle so you can add one of our 1 1/8" custom bicycle headset caps to your new bike.

Who Are You? About Dispatch Custom Cycling Components

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Your bicycle is yours.  It is a statement of your preference and passion in life.  From the first mile ridden, machine and rider become one.  No longer one of many, but now a unique creation that is yours. Saturday group road rides. Dirt church on Sunday. Commuting on Monday. Thursday evening crits. At its core, a bicycle ride is visceral. Therapy of the soul, mind and body.  Even utility.

At Dispatch Custom Cycling Components, we stand at the intersection of individuality in life and passion for the bicycle. We believe in embracing and enhancing the concept of individuality.  We stand for the unique. We ride for the individual. What do you ride for?

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Based in Longmont, Colorado, right inside Boulder County, the epicenter of all things fitness, fun and cycling. We ride our bikes everywhere! For fun, sport, food and for beer!   Every component we customize we admire before carefully packing it up and sending it off to its new bicycle. We hope you'll love your customized bicycle component as much as we enjoy making them.

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