How It All Started - Less Posh, More Punk!

Rewind the tape!  All the way back to the 70s and you’ll spot this little guy on a bicycle.  Yellow Schwinn Stingray hammering towards a rickety wooden ramp precariously sitting on top of a fruit crate.  Launching off that ramp felt like I was 10 feet off the ground and traveled 50 feet before hitting the dirt again.  Slam on the coaster brakes and head back for another stuntman run at that ramp again.  Hammer, launch, repeat until the sun went down.  That was my life.

When I got a little older, it was skateboards, motorcycles, and stay out until the sun was about to come up in a few short hours.  Trouble here and there, but hey, who doesn’t get a little ahead of themselves at that age?

Those first 15 years of life would send me on my way to a lifetime of involvement in cycling, skate culture and music.  Really, it was all I cared about.  If I wasn’t riding something with wheels, I was looking at something with wheels.

I had the good fortune to be able to stay involved in cycling as I got a little older.  Sponsored rider, owner of an American bicycle frame manufacturer, and launching Dispatch Custom Cycling Components.

In 2017 I started thinking about skateboarding and cycling and how they have a lot in common. One obvious difference: The cycling world was too homogeneous–and that certainly can’t be said of the skateboarding or motorcycle world.  

My first confirmation was when I installed a custom headset cap on my own bicycle and literally every ride I showed up to the first (and sometimes only) question was: That's so cool! Where'd you get that? 

In the U.S. there are about 17 - 19 million new bicycles sold every year. That's awesome! But shouldn't your bicycle be your own? Shouldn't you be able to make it just a little different from the others? I thought so. Ride Your Ride!

I’ve sought to bring more of the skate & moto ethos to cycling.  Those worlds all about individual expression and I think that's alright!

Wear this. Ride that.  Who needs that sort of thing?  Do it your way! Ride Your Ride!

Make Your Bicycle Yours - Purveyor of Fine Cycling Goods

At Dispatch, we give our customers a chance to really make their bicycle their own.  One of a kind.  Engrave something that makes them laugh, think or get pissed.  Whatever it is, it’s theirs!

We design in-house and also work with some extremely talented illustrators to bring on some super cool custom bicycle headset caps and parts and some kick-ass lifestyle goods.

We also give our customers a chance to design their own headset caps for that extra special touch.  I’ve seen it all.  Marriage proposals, motivational quotes, memorials and good laughs. (You guys really are the creative soul of Dispatch.)

Every item is engraved or printed here in Colorado.  We’ve done thousands now and I fully expect we’ll hit over a million in the next few years.

I hope you'll love your customized bicycle component as much as we enjoy making them. Thanks for being part of my journey!

Ride Your Ride!



P.S. If you need a custom creation for your bicycle shop, cycling team, cycling event (race or fun ride) or finisher's medal for your race, contact us.  We're easy to work with and always enjoy making something just for you.  We've made thousands of custom bicycle stem caps for events all over the world.