Bidon 2020 Sticker

Bidon 2020 Sticker

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We don't take politics very seriously here.  At all.  But we felt it was important this time around to get involved.  We looked high and low and the only candidate we could find that was truly dedicated to carrying our water was BIDON.

We asked a lot of tough questions, including:

  • Where do you stand on BPA? 
  • Sticky Water Bottles?
  • Inclusiveness and past record on 1, 2 or 3 bottle mounts?
  • Bidons or Bottles?

In the end, we think BIDON is the right candidate for the job and we're asking for your support.  #bidon2020

Order your BIDON 2020 2" sticker and show your support.

While you're at it, our BIDON 2020 bottles are in stock now!